Standard Tooth Gem

It's time to add a sparkle to your smile. Start subtle with 1x Swarovski Tooth Gem. The perfect way to add something new to your appearance, this is only the beginning... you'll be coming back for more.

Premium Tooth Gem

Why have 1 when you can have 2. Add 2x Swarovski Tooth Gems to your smile, you can choose exactly where you want each gem to be placed.

Signature Tooth Gem

Make your smile sparkle with 3x Swarovski Tooth Gems, get creative and choose the placement of the 3 gems.

Custom Design

Ideal for those who are wanting to add an exclusive accessory (Custom Diamond Design) to your everyday smile with a wide range of diamonds, multiple colours, sizes and shapes to choose from

Butterfly Design

The butterfly design is a crowd favourite, perfect for clients that wish to add a subtle design to their smile.

Iced Out Design

Choose a tooth of your choice to completely ice out with Swarovski Tooth Gems, you'll be catching everyone's eye!

Sprinkle Tooth

Choose a tooth of your choice to completely cover in crystal sprinkles, perfect option for a subtle version of the Iced Out Tooth.