Our Premium Whitening Treatment is the most popular treatment we offer in our salon. It is ideal for those who have moderate staining and are looking to freshen up their pearly whites. This is a non-invasive treatment that ensures amazing results after just 1-hour and 20-minutes in the treatment chair


  • Whitening consultation to discuss your treatment plan
  • 1-hour and 20-minute teeth whitening treatment which will whiten your teeth up to 14 shades lighter
  • Aftercare products

Suitable for:

  • Clients who have moderate staining from coffee, smoking, or alcohol


Who is teeth whitening suitable for?

Is teeth whitening safe?

Can I whiten my teeth if I have veneers or crowns?

Can I whiten my teeth if I already have highly sensitive teeth?

How often will I need to get whitening treatments?

Do you offer natural teeth whitening?